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The HOA board can be run by a despot intent on having his or her way.  Alternatively, HOAs are at times mismanaged, with improper reporting and misappropriation of funds.  Also, elections are often improperly held.


We all have heard horror stories of the HOA president with the Napoleon complex.  They are in charge and you are going to know it.  Unfortunately, while they have certain powers (and responsibilities) under the HOA covenants, they somehow think that they have become the king or queen of the domain.  They are nice to their friends and harsh on those that they do not like.  This often creates multiple issues, including unequal enforcement of the rules.  Often, a letter is enough to stop this behavior, but at times it takes more. 


There are also times when the Board ignores the rules on how money should be spent.  Parties, big-screen televisions for the club house, and other expenses must be appropriately approved prior to community funds being used.  Also, all members of the HOA have a right to view the books, and the homeowner association board has the duty to maintain good records.  Mismanagement is one of the most frequent complaints about HOA Boards.


Elections in this country are a big deal.  Even in the HOA, we democratically elect the leaders.  Unfortunately, unlike national elections, there is no oversight over HOA elections except for the homeowners themselves.  When there are problems, it is almost always necessary to get an attorney involved to resolve HOA election issues.


While these are the most frequent issues that arise from HOA Board malfeasance, there are others.  For these or any home owners association board misconduct issues, we ask that you call to schedule a consultation at 770-863-8355.  The cost of the consultation is $75.00 for half an hour.  If you cannot make the appointment, we require a 24 hour advance notice to reschedule or cancel or the consultation fee is non-refundable.

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